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Presential Multi-Seminar Tattoo Madrid April 17th

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Online Multi-Seminar
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Valentina Riabova

Thomas Carli Jarlier

Julian Siebert

Charles Huurman

You can see the course as many times as you want ¡For 7 days!

 With the collaboration: 

Valentina Riabova

Valentina is dedicated to tattoos since 2012, her works are done in a realistic style, mainly in color. It tends to print familiar designs: images that involve faces of loved ones and elaborate tributes of animals.

In her presentation she will talk about painting theory and alternative way of work from white to black.

 The artistic background is clearly seen in these works, one of the most prominent Russian tattoo artists of the modern era.


It was noticed and began receiving invitations to the panel of judges for conventions
Europeans such as Zurich Ink Days, Florence Tattoo Convention, etc.

Thomas Carli Jarlier

Over the years, Thomas Carli-Jarlier has built his reputation by producing some of the most impressive and realistic black and gray tattoos you’ve ever seen.

In his presentation he will tell us about the techniques he uses in black gray and the use of tattoo machines.

Founder of Noire Ink Carli Gallery with his wife, this studio is the home of many international artists.

Julian Siebert

Very versatile artist specialized in large tattoos that can be classified as bold-realistic, illustrative, biomechanic or neotraditional.
His designs are characterized by an environmental use of different sources of light, strong contrasts and many lines.

In his presentation, Julian will talk about how bodyflow and large scale concepts.

Charles Huurman

He is widely recognized in Europe and Asia for his style as a professional tattoo artist.
In his presentation, Charles will talk about how to earn the client’s confidence to achieve creative freedom.

He will also explain the guidelines to find our unique style of tattoo, how to design in minutes and how to compose sleeves and backs step by step, through different techniques and materials.


English or Spanish


Enjoy our Multi-seminar in 2 languages.

Here is a summary of the Multi-Seminar